Create a Website- A beginner guide

Its very easy to build an own website. We are here to provide you with the step by step instructions to be followed to create a website.

  • Simple method for beginners
  • WordPress platform
  • Less computer knowledge required
develop a website
  • Fast and easy development
  • Free Support any time
  • Content management system

Choosing a Domain Name and WebHost
For your Website


You need to purchase 2 things to make your website online

  • Domain- Find a domain name for your website. This is called website address (
  • Webhost - This is referred as a server, and it act as a connection between internet and your website.
    You can consider this as a space in internet

Both the above things will cost you. If you are creating a trial website, its better to share domain and server (using with someone.
Else move with purchasing it for very less amount.

  • A domain can be purchased for one year costing around 3$ to 10$ (depends on .com, .org, .co etc)
  • Purchasing a domain with an unregistered mail id will provide you with reduction from many of the domain providers.
  • A web server will cost you 4$ to 6$ per month. You can purchase 1 year plan also.
  • You will get trial servers for one month from many of the webhost providers.

Things to keep in mind before picking up a domain

  • The domain name should be unique(
  • Decide a proper extension (.com, .org , .net etc)
  • It should not be lengthy.

Where do I get my domain

We have used all kinds of service providers, They are like simple e-commerce websites. You can select one from the list

  • Blue Host
  • Big Rock
  • Hostgator
  • Go Daddy

Where do I get My Webhost

Purchasing a Webhost is similar like purchasing a domain. You can get it directly from service providers page.

  • Blue Host
  • Eglueweb
  • Hostgator
  • Go Daddy

Things to keep in mind before picking up a Webhost

  • Select the lowest package shared server
  • make sure you get a cpanel
  • There should be proper support
    (This will help beginner to purchase domain)

Choosing the Best Website Building Platform

There are different website development platforms. But We are suggesting WordPress. From our experience of 10 years we are extremely pleased with WordPress.

WordPress building

WordPress is the best and powerful website development platform having a millions of worldwide users. Using a content management system is much better than coding for a website. WordPress became one of the most successful open source in no time, because of its user friendly nature. WordPress possess different better features than the other CMS platforms.

  • Best for beginners
  • Easy steps for installation
  • It was built for large number of people
  • There are wide variety of website themes
  • Websites will look perfect in mobiles also (have better responsive features)
  • Provides better maintenance and support
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Setting up Domain In My Website & Making It Ready For WordPress

Setting Domain In Webhost

  1. When purchasing a domain you will create a login details
  2. Using that login details, get in to the service providers backend
  3. Goto domain settings from the dashboard
  4. Replace the name server details with the name server details that you get from your webhost
  5. Within 15 to 30 minutes the domain will be pointed to your webhost

Setting Webhost

  1. When you purchase a webhost you will get a link to enter the control panel (Cpanel)
  2. You can find the name server details mostly in the front page of Cpanel
  3. Goto Addon domain and ad your domain purchased
  4. After adding domain, Goto file manager there you will find a folder with the name of your domain
  5. Create a MySQL database which is the back-end for WordPress, using the database wizard in Webhost

Installing WordPress

  1. Goto the folder created in file manager and upload WordPress zip downloaded from and extract it there
  2. Type the domain name in any browser, and the WordPress installation will start automatically
  3. Provide with the database details that you obtained while creating the database in webhost
  4. During the process you can create dashboard username and password
  5. After the installation, Type in any browser
  6. This will direct you to the back-end of the WordPress, and here you can start customizing your website.

Setting up Your WordPress Website

wp dashboard

1. Now you will see something like this. This is the back-end or dashboard of WordPress. Here you can create a website easily with few steps.

2. Setting up your Logo

To set up logo do the following instructions

1. Goto Appearance -> Customize-> Header -> Set your desired logo by clicking add new image-> Save changes.

You can also set up your logo by another method

2. Appearance -> Theme options -> Logo

You can set your Favicon also from here. Favicon is the small icon that is seen before the title in the browser.

wp customize
wp themes

3. Now let’s install a new theme

To do this, Goto

Appearance -> Themes

You can set your theme by clicking customize from any of the themes selected. You can also select for other WordPress themes. You can purchase WordPress themes and upload it here. For a beginner we will suggest to use any of the default WordPress themes.

4. Create a page

Goto Pages -> Add New

Now you will get a window as shown in the image. You can add the contents here. You can add an image that is displayed for the page.

Then make this the index page (front page) of the website. To do that goto Settings -> Reading -> A static page from front page displays-> Select the front page-> Save changes

wp new page wp settings
wp demo

5. Create a Menu

For this goto Appearance -> Menu.

Add menu name and create new menu.

At the pages tab, check the pages you want to add and click add to menu. Now your page will be added.

6. Adding and editing posts.

Now we will show how To create a new post

Goto Post -> Add New

To edit and update page or posts, goto

Pages-> All pages -> Select the page which you want to edit

Suppose you need to add a blog to your website, you can do it either by creating categories or posts. To do it, just add blog to your menu and start making posts.

We will show you how to do that:

a. To create a new category goto

Posts -> Categories


b. To create a blog post goto

Posts -> Add New. Write your content in it. Then select the particular category needed.

wp post demo wp new post
wp permalink

7. Check the permalink once you updated the website

Permalink is the URL of every page that are published in your website. They are very important due to certain reasons and they are the web address of each page.

To update permalink

a. Goto Create a new category

Settings-> Permalinks

and update permalink to post/page. Don't forget to save before quitting.

8. Set Site Title & Tag Line

Page title is the most important thing in a website, considering the search engines. This explains what is the whole content of your website. The title should be unique for every website. For example, our site’s title is “How to create a Website”. To see the title keep the mouse at the top of the browser.

wp general settings
wp widgets

9. Adding sidebar

To add side bar goto
Appearance -> Widgets -> Add widget to sidebar

10. Installing a new plugin

Plugins are to add different functionalities to website. For example WordPress development provides plugins for Ecommerce, Job portal, contact form, etc. To install a plugin

Goto plugins-> Add new

You can install required plugin by clicking install now

You can upload new plugin by

Plugins-> Upload Plugin

You can see all the other installed plugins at

Plugins-> Add New

wp add plugin demo

Congratulations – You can launch the website now !

If you followed all the step by step instructions above, You will be owning a website by your own. If at all there is any doubt we are ready to help you by any means. Do you need any clarification? If so feel free to contact us any time. We are with you until you are confident to create a website your own.

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